There are many different, simple ways to get around Goa, as described in our blog Getting Around Goa.

Explained in the article mentioned, are the various modes of transport Goa offers, including public transport, scooter rentals, rickshaws and taxi’s. However, if you are looking for a unique transport facility in Goa, one must look no further than Zense Resort in Candolim. With every booking of accommodation, a FREE tandem bike is provided for guests to explore the area in a different way, whilst having lots of fun.

Unique Transport Facility Goa - Tandem Bike Hired from Zense Resort Goa

This is a seldom scene in Goa having never been done before by any establishment. It was the brain child of the Zense Resort owner, wanting to provide something unique for guests of the new holiday destination. The Resort has four tandem bikes in different colors for adults, that can be utilized any time during a guests stay. Since its inception the transport facility has taken Candolim by storm, with guests stopped in the street just to find out where the bikes came from. Truly this is a new unique way to get around Goa.

If you have not tried a tandem bike before you are in for some romance or giggles or both, depending who you choose to ride with. Guests have used the bikes for a short cycle to the beach, which is down a safe quaint lane just next to the resort. The bikes have also been used as a way to journey from Candolim over to Calangute. The tandem transport gets lots of attention on a trip like this, while letting you enjoy the views of these north Goa towns.

To take your tandem bike ride is simple, if you are a guest of the resort simply ask at reception, the friendly staff will unlock a tandem vehicle for you then provide you the lock for safe keeping of the bike on your travels. Guests can avail this unique transport facility in Goa for 6 hours during their stay. This can be for a day out to get around the northern parts of the state, or in daily slots. As there are only 4 tandem bikes available they are subject to availability. So if you want to get around Candolim or travel further afield, make sure to let reception know in advance, just in case.

Things to Know When Travelling Around on Tandem Bike

One of the first things to know when travelling around on tandem bike is; the tandem bike is something that some people find a little difficult at first. A little wobble seems to be a given among guests who have tried the transport. All in good fun though as there have been no incidents to date of any accident. As the saying goes “it is like riding a bike, you never forget” once guests give it go, controlling the vehicle is simple.

Unique Transport Facility Goa

The bicycle is steered from the front rider, with the seat positioned where a one person bike would have it. The second seat is in the middle of the bike with no wheel below it along with its own set of handle bars. There are 2 sets of pedals that are need to pull the weight of the passengers.

Another pertinent thing to consider when riding around on the bike is, as with the rest of India the roads in the party state can become hectic at times. It is advisable to be confident in your ability to navigate the roads here, should you decide to venture at peak times. This has not been a problem for those who have availed the tandem bike ride thus far. The best advice to remember, when on the roads, if you are going on a ride round Candolim or the surrounding area, is “if in doubt give way”. Traffic will not always stop for a vehicle, especially not a bike so an air of caution is advised.

Other that the only thing to remember is have fun. This unique transport facility Goa is waiting for you now at Zense Resort. View our rooms now to book your stay.