Zense Resort is one of the most beloved resorts in Goa, India situated in close proximity to beautiful beaches. The resort offers good accommodation choice for people looking for clean modern facilities and especially the one which is easily accessible to the beach. The resort is wonderfully designed and well equipped keeping in mind the luxury, convince and affordability for our customers.goa

At the heart of the city, this Hotel near Calangute Beach in North Goa is located in close proximity to the best attractions, amazing beach, shops, bus and Taxi stands which makes it an ideal stay for tourist. Located admits tranquil of north Goa beach, Zense Resort offers high quality accommodation with comfortable chill out areas which makes it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your mind body and soul.

Being Goas best resort with beaches, this resort is a great option for families, friends, couples and groups looking for modern accommodation for their Goa holiday. Featuring amazing restaurant and wide variety of rooms, Zense resort is the most preferred stay among families and discerning travellers of all ages in the North Goa. The rooms of our resort are well equipped with modern amenities including comfortable mattresses, fresh bed linen & towels, 24/7 hot & cold water facilities, Ac’s, TV, free Wifi connection, etc. that ensures a comfortable stay.


Whats even more interesting about this gorgeous resort is its restaurant that offers a menu of hand-picked dishes, incorporating seasonal local products for creating a culinary marvel. Enjoy a comfortable stay and chow down some of the best local Goan and multi-cuisine at our restaurant in Goa’s best resort with beaches.

With the combination of great location, easy access and quality accommodation, we make the best budget hotel in Goa with tariffs, attracting thousands of tourists every year to live with us at our fabulous resorts in Goa, India. Vibrant, clean and lively with music, our resort offers the best accommodation and service that ensures you a vacation of a life time.