Night life in Candolim North Goa starts in the early evening. As the sun sets around 6.30pm over the Arabian sea, the largest beach in Goa starts to empty. Leaving a few vacationers in beach shacks, starting the night life in Candolim off by continuing the day. The north Goa party scene is known nationwide and even worldwide. The night venues in Candolim contribute to this, whilst also having many family sea side holiday places for night time entertainment. Whether you are on the beach, walking the main strip of Siolim – Fort Aguada Road or near the river at the back of Candolim town, your Goa night will be alive with choice. Vibrant authentic scenes for all budgets are available along with tourist trap venues.F

Night Life In Goa

Variety is one thing that can be assured in Candolim so far as ‘what to do at night’ on your visit is concerned. There are famous fine dining restaurants serving exclusive cuisines throughout this beach town, for example the new exclusive South I restaurant at Zense Resort, as well as many multi cuisine restaurants offering dishes from around the world, from fabulous local dishes and sea food delights, to the taste of the continental and far east, every taste bud is catered for.
Candolim has beach parties, lounge bars and incredible night clubs. The streets are lined with venues playing your choice of an eclectic mix of music. Cultural ethnic performances, local bands or singer song writers, karaoke and Nightclub DJ’s are some of the things you can choose from as entertainment on your night out in Candolim.

It is not long after sunset the streets will be bustling with local workers heading home, tourists heading back from the beach to prepare for the night, and a flourish of other tourists who venture for an evening stroll or early dinner. The small restaurants on the road side start to fill up with diners from around the world. Taxi’s, bikes and cars fill the streets as the music from the local businesses or religious venues start to fill the air. Throughout Candolim, deep into the night, there are vibrant local shops a plenty, full of cheap apparel, collectables and shiny objects to remember your time in Goa. There are also many jewelry shops, and boutique clothes shops, as the town is considered the higher end tourist destination in North Goa. Your night out in Candolim will generally include a little bit of shopping.

Around 8 to 9 pm is when the main crowd will converge on the streets to start the night with dinner. This does not just go for the main strip, the alleys and lanes are alive with street food vendors, pop up restaurants and cafes all down the holiday beach and resort roads. It is still India after all, small business has to thrive at street level. The masses will be dining then drinking in venues late into the evening, every now and then taking a walk down the streets to go shopping.
It is at 11.30pm that the food venues start to close, so the party continues in the bars or clubs. There are lots of these places on the main drag. Though it is at this point in the night when most who wish to party head to the night clubs that are mostly not found on the main road. Or atleast the best ones aren’t. Some beach shacks also stay open to the late late hours, though you will find if you have left the beach you are not likely to go back, so these venues are for those who had dinner on the beach.

List of Noted Night Spots to Try in Candolim

Love, Passion Karma – Waterfront bar with a famous nightclub buried in a cave setting.

SouthI Restaurant – At Zense Resort. This Exclusive restaurant is brought to us by Banana Leaf with specialty dishes served nowhere else in the world.

Candolim Beach – During the season between November and April bonfires, BBQ’s and music can be found into the night.

Cohiba – Known for its Wednesday nights. This night venue has live bands of different genres every evening. Huge crowds are drawn on Saturday and Wednesday.

Sinq Beach Club – Part of the Sinq hospitality group this bar and night club is one of the hit venues in Goa. The outside bar and billiard area is chilled by the waterfront with an indoor nightclub and dance floor.

Candolim Beach Club

Candolim Late Night

Candolim is a town in the north of Goa, the state nicknamed “the party state” by Indians and tourists alike. Though to be honest it is really North of Goa that is the party place, there is not much to do in the south. Just like the rest of the North, Candolim has a late night scene. The nightclubs like Sinq or Love Passion Kama are open until 3-4am during the season. They provide late night dancing for the youth of the world. There is also “Casino 7” found on the main strip which is 24/7 gambling, eating and entertainment centre.

Casino 7 is a small venue with computerized tables. If gambling is in your late night agenda be prepared to pay a cover charge upon entry, then drink all you want pending on how much you gamble. This late night option is the choice of many, staying busy until day light some evenings.

It is late night Candolim when the streets are quieter. The general party goers are staggered along the streets. The lanes and alleys are without life, except wild dogs or cows. All main roads are lit for the Taxis that run through the night. Most lanes tend to be lit but with small halogens hooked to the trees. The night time, just like the day time is generally safe in Candolim, though it is advisable if your heading down long dark lanes to have a vehicle or not to be alone.

Millions of people converge every year on Candolim for its beauty and some fun in the sun. Everyone who visits wants to return and most do. Many visitors return year on year without fail. So what ever you end up doing when you visit then head for your night out, you are sure to enjoy start to finish. See you soon.