There are many famous Beaches In Goa. Some of which are in the top 10 in the world.

Yet if this is your first time to Goa you will want to know what to expect. Every beach in Goa is different in landscape, ambiance, sand color, things to do and types of venue’s.

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Landscape of The Beaches In Goa

There are various types of scenery on petty much all beaches in Goa. It is not all palm trees with white sand and blue waters. Though you can find some beaches that do deliver this cliché paradise. From North Goa Beach’s like Arambol Beach, to South Goa Beach’s like Palolim, the differences are distinct. Each beach has its own uniqueness all along the States coastline. Beaches in Goa can be found with burnt orange, yellow, white, and slightly black sand.

As is the difference in sand, is the variety in landscape.

North Goa beach’s like Anjuna boast sheer cliff faces with short beach’s and crashing waves, whereas Little Vagator beach (also in the north) is nestled in the valleys of jungle hills with palm trees leading out to a small bay with stunning rock features. Candolim Beach which is the closest beach to Zense Resort has miles of long winding beach with burnt orange sand, humping grassy sand dunes and features iconic monuments such as Fort Aguada.

South Goa beach’s like Varca Beach are host to the major 5 star resorts in the state. The beach has a flat landscape with palm trees leading to white sand beaches. Further South lies Palolim beach, voted in the top few beaches’ in the world. Palm trees, green jungle, rocky scenes, just epic.

What to expect on a trip to the beaches in Goa?

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One can truly expect a unique experience on the beach in Goa. Here is what to expect in a general trip.

First you will need to navigate to the beach. The access to the beach differs for every beach. From winding paths through the jungle, too steep hill steps down mountain valleys with epic views, there is plenty of adventure to expect. No matter where you are in Goa, if you are going to the beach your journey involves epic scenery. Epic winding roads, leading through local villagers, to small tracks through all sorts of landscape.

From the moment you enter a beach in Goa, there are many things you may never have seen before. An example of this would be the animals. All along the coast line, as is with most towns and cities in India, animals like packs of stray dogs, families of cows and things like frogs or crabs. There is nothing that will harm you. The cows are relaxed in their own world, the dogs are fed by the beach shacks, the crabs are caught by the shacks (only joking, but they are not a problem) the frogs hang around the grasses and pools.

Beach Shack’s

The next thing to expect on beaches in Goa is beach shacks. There are one or 2 beaches untouched, but they are very hard to find. So beach shacks take up most of the beaches. They provide the sun beds and shades, each claiming its own piece of the beach. You shall be approached as soon as you walk on to the beach by the shack workers in most locations. Beach shacks are locally run serving seafood specials caught that day, among other multi-cuisine classics. You will find a variety of shacks, catering to all music or ambiance preference. Some shacks on each beach are open until the early hours offering parties on the beach, most nights of the week (in season). 90% of beach shacks can only be found in “the season”, which is October to May, although a lot do not pop up until mid to late November.

You can expect the beaches in Goa to be considered busy, in season, from 11am. The beach will stay busy until after sunset. This goes for most beaches though the number of people will filter out loser to sunset. Which is the best time of the day to be at the beach.Beaches In Goa - Candolim-beach_chandra-masseuse

Throughout your trip to the beach you will be approached by different small business people. Mostly locals trying to make their trade from the tourism. Whether you are relaxing on a sunbed, restaurant table or at the bar you will be approached. These people are friendly approachable types mostly women, and in the most not pushy. They will offer massages, jewelry, corn on the cob, coconuts and more.

When you visit the beach you cannot be certain water sports will be available. Many beaches in Goa do have facilities, however it is best to check with your accommodation before you go. Most water sports can be found on different beaches. When you are sat on the beach at Candolim you are sure to see parasailing. In the North there is a surfing school on Ashwim Beach. Then there is jet ski’s, rubber rings, banan boat, snorkeling/scuba trips, boat trips and more.

When to visit the beaches in Goa

Even during “the season” the weather will differ throughout the day down at the beach. So if you are picky about climate it is important to think about this before heading out. The mornings on the beach are cool and breezy, slowly warming with a bright yellow glow. The middle of the day is hottest, from 11.30am to around 3.30pm. Then the temperature starts to cool off for a very pleasant sunset. In the evening during “the season” it can get quite chilly in some locations so do your research.

Visiting the beach in the morning:

Most mornings are met with a beautiful yellow sunrise. There is clear air from the settled night, and a sea breeze coming in. There is not many people on the beach in the morning, and can be very tranquil as a start to the day. Some beaches you can find people doing Yoga, or the fishermen coming in though this is as early as 4.30am. The morning will also find animals on the beach. They have come to rest after all the people have left. A lot of shacks do open for breakfast, this is around 9am.

Visiting in the middle of the day:

The middle of the day is the busiest part of the day. From 11am each day you can expect a crowd on most beaches in the season. This crowd in recent years has not been excessive like European beaches, unless you come on one of the major holidays. This time of the day is the hottest time of the day. Temperatures in season soar to 34 degrees Celcuis. Sun beds are not hard to come by this is also the time the beach shacks are booming with lunch time crowds.

Heading to the beach in the evening:

Evening sunsets in Goa are the best time of the day to visit the beach. The sun starts to cool around 3.30pm, the lunch time rush has ended, and the afternoon chill sets in. Music can be heard from the shacks while the sunbathers slowly disperse. Outdoor seating starts to fill the sands with candle light on each. The sun starts to set around 5.30pm, no longer visible by 6.15 ish most nights. The temperatures are pleasant as the sun sets with a red glow over the beaches of Goa. Truly a spectacular sight.

Night time visits on the beach:

The beach comes alive at night in Goa. The waves crash against the shores around the state. As each beach party scene comes to life in its own way. There is a night scene on most beaches in Goa, varying depending on the beach. South Goa has less happening with regards night life, then the further north you head, the later your beach is open. During the season the temperature can become cool in parts of the state on beach, and in land. The coolest time being early January.

The beach during the off season:

During the months of May to October there is no action on the beaches. The climate varies from very humid grey skies and temperatures to rain throughout these months. The monsoon being at its height in June, July and August.

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