So your considering a trip to Goa in India, you have heard about the beautiful beaches, palm trees and eclectic mix of cultured events that draw 4.4 million tourists a year to this wonderful state, you now need to know the best time to visit Goa, to get your fill of what you want from a the trip. This is why we have put together the information you need to decide the best time of year for you to visit the smallest state in India. Different times of year in Goa offer pro’s and cons, every traveler is different and looking for something equally different.

Best Time To Visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa may be based on the ever changing climate throughout the year. Goa has a monsoon for 3 months every summer around the same time as the western schools take summer vacation. This is the quietest time of the year. The busiest and arguably best time of the year is peak season which is November to end of February. Indian tourists and international tourist alike converge on the sands of Goa’s part state to enjoy arts, crafts and music festivals, Carnival, or the endless perfect weather and sandy shores. We shall break down what the various seasons of Goa offer for travelers below to help you determine the best time to visit Goa for yourself.

November to February: These are widely considered the best months to visit the party capital of India. Since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable, you are guaranteed sun every day and the whole state is buzzing with things to do. It’s the perfect time to take your pick of relaxing on the beaches amidst the other tourists who make the most of the peak season, returning year on year. It is December when Goa truly comes alive each year. Christmas week kicks off the biggest events throughout the towns and cities of Goa. Two of its most popular festivals, Sunburn and Supersonic draw thousands of visitors from across the world during the week between Xmas and New Year, these festivals have truly put Goa on the world party map. You might want to book your hotels in advance since this is the peak season and prices of accommodation go way higher than other times of year in Goa.
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March to May: This is the time of year when the temperatures rise with humidity kicking in. The Arabian sea becomes choppy the tourists subside and Goa prepares for the monsoon. Not many people visit Goa between the months of March and May since there are not many activities that remain open past the end of Peak Season. However, prices for accommodation become a lot more reasonable. This would be a good time of year for a peaceful break with a loved one to soak up the intense heat while relaxing in one of the luxurious resorts.

June to October: It is in June time when the rains start to fall on the beautiful land Goa. There are parties held throughout the state that welcome and celebrate the coming of the Monsoon. If you love the monsoon and the lush green countryside that the rain Gods provide then this is the best time to visit Goa. Another reason you my visit in the monsoon is the festival of Sao-Joao (the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist) that is held during late June. It’s an interesting event where men jump into wells that are overflowing to fetch bottles of the local alcohol called feni. This is the time of year you are sure to get good deals at the hotels. The weather is not bright but there are lots of Monsoon tourist attractions tht have sprung up over the years, catering to the adventurous kind of tourist.

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